Yesterday was a ...

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Good Day for Old Spice, as a survey commissioned by Royal Mail showed that a card, a bottle of aftershave or a can of beer were all more likely to be appreciated as Father's Day gifts that a CD of the Spice Girls.

Bad Day for patience, as a bank robber was arrested after he had responded to a request to wait in line while a bag was stuffed with money for him. David Hindmarsh had walked into a bank in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and handed the assistant a note demanding money and threatening to explode a bomb. She asked him to wait and 20 minutes later handed him the money. He then ran out of the bank straight into the arms of waiting policemen. The bomb turned out to be a toilet-roll tube.

Overdue Day for a stomach ache, as Giuditta Consonni, 55, was finally cured of stomach pains that had been bothering her for years when doctors in the town of Lecco, Italy, examined her and operated to remove a 7cm square of gauze that had been accidentally left inside her after she had her first child by Caesarean section 25 years ago.