Good Day for reindeer exporters, as the ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled that the Reindeer Act of 1937 does not prohibit non-natives in Alaska from owning, importing or selling reindeer. This overturned a ruling made by the Interior Board of Indian Appeals, following a case brought by a Canadian reindeer exporter in 1986.

Bad Day for ham sandwiches, as a couple in Tampa, Florida, sought $15,000 damages from a supermarket chain for "mental anguish, medical expenses for Aids and hepatitis tests, loss of earning capacity, loss of comfort and attention of each other, and loss of the joy of living" after they found a slice of human finger and "a substance that appeared to be blood" in some sliced ham they had bought for sandwiches. The supermarket chain admit liability, but say that the couple are not as upset as they claim to be.

Libidinous Day for elephants, as an experiment in contraception at the Kruger National Park, South Africa, had to be stopped because the pills made cow elephants seem to be on heat all the time, causing males to go on a sexual rampage.