Good Day for catching a cold, as researchers in Indiana sprayed the nostrils of volunteers with rhinovirus for two days to give them a heavy cold, then measured their work-rate when they ran on

a treadmill until they were exhausted. Results showed that the subjects with colds performed a little better than those in a healthy control group.

Bad Day for dwarfs, as thousands of counterfeit Snow Whites, and even more dwarfs, were seized by Belgian customs. Thirteen container-loads of the fake Disney plastic characters will be destroyed, along with the hundreds of fake Smurfs also apprehended recently.

Good Day for tea-loving smokers, as the Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau announced the launch of a tea-flavoured cigarette. "Taiwanese enjoy smoking while sipping a cup of tea," an official said, "and the cigarette will give consumers double enjoyment." The new product will be low-nicotine, low-tar, and high in extract of Wulong tea. The tea content will make up for the reduced nicotine.