Good Day for Craig Benefit, a vagrant from Boston, Massachusetts, who successfully challenged an 1866 law that prohibits begging in the streets. The Supreme Court dismissed prosecutors' arguments that the law was necessary to protect public safety, ruling that it "suppresses an even broader right - the right to engage fellow human beings with the hope of receiving aid and compassion".

Bad Day for Jorgen Gilberg, a Danish taxi-driver who accepted a booking from an elderly Dane for a 2,600 mile round trip from Copenhagen to the Vatican. When they arrived, the man explained that he had to collect the pounds 2,500 fare from the Pope, who owed him the money. Then he admitted that the voices in his head might have misled him. "I had to laugh," said Gilberg. "I couldn't get angry with a man who wasn't playing with a full deck." So he drove him back to Copenhagen.

Bad Day for health awareness, as a survey by Watchdog Healthcheck revealed that more people can name all five Spice Girls than the symptoms of meningitis.