Good Day for laboratory mice, as scientists in America announced that they have bred mice with muscles three times heavier than normal. They also have an unusual shape, with pronounced shoulders and hips.

Bad Day for mobile phones, as the Australian government played down fears arising from a series of experiments showing that the electromagnetic fields produced by mobile telephones can lead to increased rates of cancer in mice. A spokesman described the risk as "minimal", and a former president of the Australian Medical Association said: "We don't know of any one person anywhere in the world who has died as a result of using a mobile phone." Meanwhile in England, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents began a campaign for a ban on drivers using mobile phones following the conviction of a man for causing death by dangerous driving while using his mobile phone.

Bad Day for cheats, as the state of Andhra Pradesh in India passed a law that could send to jail for 10 years anyone who cheats in school exams.