Good Day for Dudu, the world's oldest panda in captivity, who celebrated her 35th birthday with a special dinner of milk and cake at Wuhan zoo in central China.

Bad Day for Marcello Cedolin, mayor of the village of Clauzetto, Italy, who, despite being the only candidate, failed to secure re-election to the post. Only 252 of the 639 eligible voters bothered to cast their ballot, leaving him well short of the 50 per cent minimum required to keep his job.

Good Day for cold beer, as Newcastle Brown Ale ice-cream went on sale at the Metropolitan Brasserie in Newcastle. "Brown ale is part of the north-east heritage," the head chef, Nick Robinson said, "so I thought it would be a good idea."

Bad Day for hitchhikers, as Omar Bastarrica was jailed for a night in Puerto Madryn, Argentina, after trying to hitch a lift from a police car. "Their response was that they forced me into the car and detained me for 10 hours," he said. He was also fingerprinted and photographed, after being told that asking the police for a lift constituted a "lack of respect".