Good Day for old jeans, as Levi Strauss paid $25,000 for a 100- year-old pair believed to be one of the two oldest in existence. "One reason this pair of jeans is so important," a spokesman said, "is that we lost everything in the 1906 earthquake and fire and the first

50 years of our history were destroyed." The original price of the jeans was about $1.25.

Bad Day for barbers, as a Filipino reacted badly to a bad haircut. When teased by his friends with the standard local wisecrack: "Is the barber still alive?" Romeo Adrales returned to the barber and stabbed him to death. He said he was furious because it was the second time he had been given a bad haircut. An investigator at the jail, however, denied noticing any prisoner with a particularly bad haircut. "Otherwise, we'd have kidded him too," he said.

Dangerous Day for Poles, as people in the town of Nowy Dwr, Poland, were warned against coming too close to a pair of kangaroos missing from a circus. A police officer said: "The animals can be dangerous because they are not friendly to people and have been taught to box."