Good Day for discrimination, as the mayor of Malvinas Argentinas, a small town near Buenos Aires, banned gay couples from booking rooms in pay-by-the-hour "love motels". Under a new by-law, rooms may be let only to couples who are "without exception a man and a woman". Defending himself against charges of discrimination, mayor Jesus Cariglino said: "We would be discriminating if we had specified that fat people can't use them, or that preferably only blondes with blue eyes should go there."

Bad Day for deteriorating vision, as Israeli police arrested a 93-year- old woman on suspicion of drug dealing. According to a television report, police had no difficulty in gaining entry to the house of the country's oldest drug suspect, because her eyesight was so bad that she could not make out who her clients were.

Worrying Day for the Ivory Coast, where seven men have been beaten or burned to death by angry mobs who accused them of being sorcerers capable of shrinking men's penises. Earlier this year, 12 alleged penis-shrinkers were killed in Ghana.