Good Day for noodles, as IRMA, the Instant Ramen Manufacturers' Association, was created by the world's instant noodle producers at the World Ramen Summit in Tokyo. Mamofuko Ando, who launched instant ramen in 1958, gave a speech on the Cultural History of Noodles.

Bad Day for Good Samaritans, as a marital row in a village in Vietnam was resolved by a well-wishing neighbour. After helping the couple reconcile their differences, the man drank a bottle of water he found in the kitchen. The water, however, had been spiked with poison at an earlier stage in the domestic argument, when the husband had threatened suicide. The Samaritan died an hour later.

Pugnacious Day for art, as a fist-fight broke out at the Central House of Artists in Moscow after Kazak artists had enraged visiting Germans by slaughtering a sheep and drinking its blood in a performance art display. Kanat Ibragimov, the artist who killed the sheep, defended his actions, saying: "I'm not some sort of primitive. They think they're humanists and don't appreciate our culture."