Good Day for parking meters, as John Rolfe, a parking warden in Diss, Norfolk, came to the aid of a frantic couple who were one witness short for their wedding at a registry office. Mr Rolfe, still in uniform, rang his boss before taking 15 minutes off for the ceremony and receiving a kiss of thanks from the bride. Meanwhile, in Cincinnati, Ohio, a 63- year-old grandmother was fined $500 for putting coins into other people's parking meters to save them from receiving a ticket. "I would not offer any apology," she said, "when I know in my heart of hearts that I did nothing wrong."

Bad Day for Rosie Lee Hill, who went to a police station in Pensacola, Florida, to complain that she had been sold counterfeit crack cocaine by a drugs dealer. The police tested the substance, confirmed that it was genuine, and arrested her for possession of an illegal substance.

Holy Day for Rev Sisco Cassidy, who has just been ordained over the Internet and is now licensed to perform marriages, christenings and funerals. The Reverend Cassidy lives in East Belfast and is a three-legged cat.