Yesterday was a ...

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Good Day for romance, as family planning centres in Dublin reported a 50 per cent increase in demand for morning-after contraceptive pills after last week's combination of Valentine's Day and the Ireland-England rugby international. "In general, after any large cultural activity, the birth rate goes up and the demand for post-coital pills goes up," a spokeswoman said.

Bad Day for breast implants, as eight transvestites in Thailand announced plans to sue a doctor who had used condoms filled with salt water instead of silicon implants in their breasts. Somsak Wongpaisarn, 30, said he and seven other transvestites would be suing for malpractice and damages. He will use the money to have his breasts rebuilt. "For a transvestite, her figure is the most important thing," he said.

Expensive Day for Derek Jolly, whose dog, a golden Labrador named Barney, tried to eat pounds 800 in notes his master had saved to buy a car. Mr Jolly, of Southampton, put together around pounds 500 from shredded notes found in the dog's mouth and on the kitchen floor.