Yesterday was a ...

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Good Day for underwear, as the HO1, the first men's underpants with a horizontal fly, went on show at the Premier Menswear trade show at Olympia. The makers, Hom, say the design is quicker, more logical and more hygienic than the vertical fly as well as being suitable for right- or left-handers.

Bad Day for broccoli, as researchers reported that a dislike for broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbages may be inherited. Our genes place us all in one of three groups: non-tasters, tasters or super-tasters. "Super- tasting children will probably not like Brussels sprouts or broccoli, no matter what you do," said Adam Drewnowski, of the University of Michigan.

Moderate Day for robots, as Toshiba announced the development of a robot that can play volleyball. It has two cameras for eyes, two arms and no legs, and plays suspended from the ceiling. But according to a Toshiba spokesman: "It doesn't measure up to human skills."