Good Day for artistic realism, as a work of art in a Florida studio led to an emergency call to the police, roads being closed and the bomb squad summoned. The work, by Paul Rutovsky was entitled The Mail Art Liberation Organisation, and featured four small pipes, electrical wiring and a clock.

Bad Day for Pedro Olivera, an Argentine farm worker who woke up with a pain in the neck after a night's drinking and discovered that he had a knife embedded in his neck up to the hilt. He was taken to hospital, but cannot help police because he can remember nothing of the night before.

Tasteless Day for Dalvin Stokes, a Florida man who is suing a restaurant because he claims to have found a condom in his sweet potato pie. According to his attorney the condom "had the appearance of having been utilised for its primary purpose".

Sober Day for Kuwait, where an airline passenger has been fined for arriving in the country drunk. The court dismissed pleas that the offence of drinking alcohol was committed abroad.