Good Day for elephants, as Mike Bugara, a conservationist in Kenya, discovered a new way to make paper from elephant dung. It is boiled and crushed into a porridge with a mortar and pestle, then rolled out and left to dry in the sun. One Kenyan animal welfare society has already decided to use elephant dung paper for its official invitation cards.

Bad Day for Margaret Anne Hunter, who learned, four months after her wedding in Virginia, US, to Thorne Wesley Jameson Groves, that her husband was a woman. Mr/Ms Groves claimed to have Aids, to avoid intimacy, and bound his/her breasts with bandages because of "chest injuries". Ms Hunter has filed a $575,000 fraud suit, and is seeking an annulment. Their courtship was conducted mainly by e-mail, and post-marital petting was confined to clothed fondlings, with the fake husband wearing a prosthetic penis. "Something was wrong, and I couldn't put my finger on it," Ms Hunter said.

Gregarious Day for Freda White, 77, who has been the only member of her church choir in Spennithorn, Yorkshire, for the past 10 years. The church has finally appointed new choristers to join her.