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Good Day for six-year-olds, as the school board of Lexington, North Carolina, which had previously punished a boy of that age for kissing a girl on the cheek, changed its rules. The new regulations say: "Student- to-student sexual harassment policy shall not be applied in the case of young students unless it clearly appears that there is an intent on the part of the students to engage in harassment of a sexual nature." The age and maturity of the student involved will also now be taken into account.

Bad Day for urinators as the BMW factory in Regensburg, Germany, used hidden video cameras to trap the three men whose habit of peeing in a corner of the plant had caused tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage as their urine dripped through a false ceiling onto switch boxes and freshly painted cars.

Encouraging Day for Walt Disney as French customs agents seized 12 tonnes of counterfeit Disney bed linen in a container vessel arriving from the United States. A separate consignment of 65,000 Chinese-made teddy bears was also seized, all bearing the fake trademark of another American toy manufacturer.