Yoahan Plaza: Best things to buy there

Best things to buy there:

Ampan bread: a sweet bread with red bean paste inside

Okanomiyai: from one of the restuarants upstairs. It's a pancake with, typically, fried cabbage, meat, prawns and dried fish seasoning. Waiters sizzle it at your table

Cheap sushi: they sell various packets (called Hakodate). A typical one would include tuna, prawns, squid, seaweed. Currently half price: pounds 3.75

Pokka milk coffee: ready-made iced coffee in a tin. Sold at vending machines all over Japan but not otherwise available here

Bento: all-in plastic lunch-box meal from the delicatessen

Enormous cans of Sapporo beer

Sukiyaki: it's one of the few places in the UK where you can buy the specially sliced beef and Shimaji and Shitake mushrooms for this traditional dish