THERE ARE many organisations which help couples suffering relationship problems. Relate, One Plus One and The Family Welfare Association can all offer advice on resolving conflicts, family planning and even sex therapy. Confidential services are available to all couples and anyone can attend a session even if their partner is unavailable for consultation.

Relate is one of the biggest marriage guidance organisations with counselling centres throughout the country. The normal process for couples seeking advice is an initial interview with a counsellor followed by, on average, six counselling sessions. There is no fixed price for consultations but couples are expected to give a donation; other organisations such as The Family Welfare Association can offer free telephone advice.

There is such a high demand for marriage guidance that couples may have to wait for up to two months before their initial interview. But does couples counselling work? Surprisingly, Relate doesn't keep records on the long-term success of their sessions, so no-one knows. Your nearest counselling organisation can be found under Marriage Guidance in the phone book.

Relate HQ, 01788 573 241; Family Welfare Association, 0171 254 6251; One Plus One, 0171 831 5261.