A believer in doing things by halves: Sue Fieldman hears how some of the professionals would handle their children's pounds 100 Christmas presents

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PAT TILLER works for the Halifax Building Society, where she oversees the administration of nine branches. At home she and her husband John look after the finances of seven-year-old Nicky.

Pat says: 'I would make Nicky put pounds 50 into his Halifax Building Society account as I am a boring building society manager. But then I would let him squander the rest and go wild at Toys 'R' Us'.

With such even-handed treatment Nicky has little to complain about. In fact his Mum is more than generous. He says: 'I would spend the money on other people and perhaps a little bit for me to buy some cars. I could put about pounds 25 in my building society account.'

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