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For New Labour, New Drinkers, it has been a time for celebration and champagne; for everyone else, an excuse to drown sorrows. Whatever, sales of the fizzy stuff are on the increase again ...

UK retail sales of

champagne, 1991-96

m litres pounds m

1991 11.7 425

1992 11.8 410

1993 12.3 400

1994 12.7 430

1995 12.6 480

1996(est) 15.0 550

Source: Mintel

Which, if any, of these best describe your attitude to champagne?

Only for special occasions 52%

Good for a romantic occasion 24

Good for a treat 22 Makes a special gift 22 Too expensive 22 Only for Christmas or New Year 21 Dont like the taste 15 Like the taste 13 Good for mixing 12 Prefer the taste of sparkling wine 10 Good for drinking with a meal 8 Own label products just as good as main brands 7 Good for drinking before a meal 6 Goes to my head 5 Only for the super rich 3 Gives me a hangover 2 None of these 6 Don't know 1

Source: BMRB/Mintel

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