Aiming for the higher yields: Sue Fieldman hears how some of the professionals would handle their children's pounds 100 Christmas presents

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KEAN SEAGER is an investment adviser with four children. He and his wife Janet would put the childrens' pounds 100s into unit trusts.

He says: 'I am Mr Boring Scrooge Sensible. I would go for the M&G Extra Yield as it has a good yield and there is a low minimum investment.'

His eldest son Ben, who is 12, has different ideas. Ben says: 'I would spend the money on board games and computer games. If I had any left I would save it and give a little to charity.

'For my Dad I would buy a wig. We always take the mickey out of him about being bald.'

Lauren, six, says she already has lots of money - 17p. But she would put her pounds 100 towards riding lessons. Jacob, three, would buy toys. Poppy, four months, was the only one who did not disagree with Daddy's financial advice.

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