At last, 46 wins!

National Lottery
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The longest-running losing sequence came to an end last week when 46 dropped into the winning slot - along with 13, which won for only the fifth time in the 18 months since the Lottery started, while 12 came up for the second week running.

The longest losing sequence now passes to 20, followed by 8, 36 and 39.

The poorest performer remains 39, with just two wins, followed by 13, 20, 36, then 3, 8, 19, and 24.

The forties remain the most successful decile, with 109 outright wins among the last 10 numbers. The thirties have been the least successful decile, with just 87 wins from the 10 numbers. The first decile has produced 92, and the teens 95, while the twenties have produced 97 wins so far.

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