Auctions: Lalique looks at its glass bottom

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HANDS across the water: American dealers are consigning to Bonhams' Lalique glass sale Tuesday (6pm) solely in order to support the market - auction prices for Lalique, the French art nouveau glassware, have dropped by at least a third from their peak two years ago. Bonhams and Felix Marcilac's annual sale in Paris (which took place yesterday) are the only auctions devoted to Lalique. Top lot is a rare 25cm- high green vase. Some lots are estimated in the low hundreds but you will need at least pounds 1,000 to compete for the better items.


Commercial scent bottles attract private bidders and Bonhams' auction is on Thursday (1pm). Another at Bonhams: old biscuit tins, masterpieces of chromolithography, est pounds 800- pounds 1,000 in toys and dolls sale Wednesday (2pm).


Alexander Rodchenko (d1956) is chiefly known as a leader of the Constructivist movement in Russian painting of the late 1910s. But he was also an adventurous photographer, as 28 prints at Christie's Thursday (2.30pm) reveal. The photographs date from 1925-38. One print is an overhead view of a young 'pioneer' with out-of-focus cropped hair, taken around 1930- 31, est pounds 3,000- pounds 5,000. (A typical estimate is pounds 8,000- pounds 10,000.) In 1931, critics had him expelled from the Oktiabr group on grounds of formalism, considered anti-Soviet. Also in the sale: a 'rayograph' by Man Ray of 1926, produced on light-sensitive paper without a camera. This one shows abstract light spheres, est pounds 20,000- pounds 30,000.


Malmesbury: Vintage amusement machines, carousel art, pub signs, trade figures and advertising art, model boats and aeroplanes at Brillscote Farm, Lea, tomorrow (10am-7pm). Brillscote Farm Auctions (0666 822332).

Somerton: Cigarette cards est pounds 3 to four figures. Red Lion Hotel (1.30pm). London Cigarette Card Company (0458 73452).

Ringwood: First of the week's many computer and office equipment auctions, tomorrow (12.30pm) at the Recreation Centre (Mascot Computer Auctions; 0202 823933). Similar sales: Glasgow tomorrow (11am), 500 lots, Bothwell Bridge Hotel, Bothwell (Traderdesk Auctions; 021 445 1794); Gatwick Airport, Wednesday (10.30am), Hangar 4, The Beehive (Select Computing and Business Auctions; 0293 568654); Chorley, next Saturday (10.30am), the Auction Centre, Preston Road, Whittle-le-Woods (Smith, Hodgkinson & McGinty; 0257 263633).

Newbury: Pictures and books from the late Lord Rootes of Ramsbury, Wednesday (12.15pm), includes a watercolour stage design for Les Apparitions by Sir Cecil Beaton at pounds 700- pounds 900. General sale of prints, maps, watercolours, oils, frames and books, same day (10.30am), includes a Louis Wain gouache Cat at a Piano, pounds 800- pounds 1,200. Dreweatt-Neate (0635 31234).

Kinross: Ex-Ministry of Defence vehicles - cars, Land-Rovers, trucks, trailers, Wednesday (12 noon). Kinross Motor Auctions, Bridgend (0577 862564). More MoD surplus Thursday (9.30am) at Bannockburn, King Robert Hotel. Harrison and Hetherington (0228 26292).

Hull: A ton of knitting wools for hand or machine, fabric, clothing including sports wear, Thursday (6pm). Edwardian Auction Galleries (0482 500500).

Sherborne: More than 100 ear trumpets and hearing aids dating from the 18th century, Tuesday (11am). Phillips (0935 815271).

Countrywide sales: Antiques Trade Gazette (071-930 4957); Government Auction News (071-734 8291-4, hotline 0891 887700).

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