B&B offers 6% on 30-day notice account

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BRADFORD & Bingley Building Society has relaunched its high-interest 30-day Direct Notice account, paying 6 per cent gross on savings between pounds 1,000 and pounds 9,999.

This rises to 6.5 per cent gross on sums up to pounds 25,000 and 6.75 per cent on amounts above that. The account has a monthly income option, paying 6.3 per cent gross on savings up to pounds 25,000 and 6.55 per cent thereafter.

Premium Life is offering 7.4 per cent net for savers of pounds 1,000 or more in its four-year income bond.

Up to 7.79 per cent net on savings over pounds 10,000 is available from Eurolife's five-year income bond.

For shorter periods, AIG Life offers 5.15 per cent for its one-year income bond on savings over pounds 50,000.

Cheshire Building Society has a new fixed-rate bond guaranteeing 8 per cent gross until 31 December 1997. A monthly income option pays 7.5 per cent gross.

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