Bishop seeks converts among investors

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The Bishop of Lichfield has teamed up with West Bromwich Building Society to launch a savings account that will trigger donations to community projects in his diocese. The society will donate an annual sum equivalent to 1 per cent of total balances in the Community Account, which offers interest of 2.75 per cent on instant-access balances of as little as pounds 250. A similar account linked to West Bromwich Albion football club has raised over pounds 100,000 for the "Baggies".

Pensioners are the group most likely to be missing out on state benefits, according to Age Concern. Up to pounds 1.6bn of rightful benefits are unclaimed every year, it says. As part of Age Concern's Your Rights Week from 5- 11 April, it will be operating an information line on 0345 573 526.

The rise in graduate debt is slowing, says Barclays. Debts averaged pounds 3,203 for last summer's graduates and nearly one in five had no debts.

A new charity credit card that will contribute towards efforts to save the world's whales and dolphins has been launched by Bank of Scotland. For each card taken out and used for 20 months, the bank will donate pounds 7.50 to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, and when the card is used the WDCS will get further donations equivalent to 25p for every pounds 100 spent. The card has no annual fee in the first year. Call 0800 716097, quoting S881.

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