Briefly: Leeds launch

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LEEDS permanent Building Society has launched a new savings account that pays a bonus of 0.25 per cent gross (0.19 per cent net) if the account remains untouched for a year.

Bonus Gold has a minimum investment of pounds 10,000. Investors with up to pounds 25,000 get 6.85 per cent gross (5.14 per cent net) including the bonus, and the top rate on pounds 100,000-plus is 8.15 per cent gross.

The account is similar to Premium Extra launched recently by Halifax Building Society.

This is still paying 8 per cent gross (6 per cent net) on the minimum balance of pounds 10,000, but this rate is expected to be cut before long. Leeds is writing to the 250,000 savers with more than pounds 10,000 in a notice account to tell them about the new account.

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