Britannia rules on no notice

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FOR savers who have less than pounds 50,000 to invest, Britannia Building Society is offering the best rates on instant-access building society accounts. A pounds 2,000 investment attracts a gross 7.05 per cent return, pounds 10,000 investments 7.3 per cent, and pounds 25,000 investments earn 7.5 per cent.

Teachers Building Society is offering a 7 per cent return to pounds 500 investors.

Allied Trust is offering the best Tessa rates at the moment. There is a pounds 25 transfer penalty, however, and two months' notice is required before a transfer can be made.

The next best returns come from the Manchester and St Pancras building societies. Both are offering 8 per cent. Manchester has no transfer penalties but St Pancras charges pounds 25 and requires 30 days' notice.

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