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THE LEGENDARY Marlene Dietrich insured her legs, the mouth-organist Larry Adler his mouth and now Egon Ronay has joined the ranks of well-covered celebrities by insuring his taste buds for pounds 250,000. The Candid Caller this week asked: What part of your body would you insure? Why? Is there any part you wouldn't?

Mrs Celia Foot of Chichester: 'I'd insure my legs because I enjoy cycling and walking so much.'

Mrs Lilly Legg of Norwich: 'I'd insure my eyes, they're the most valuable part of me and fortunately my eyesight has always been good. I don't know what I wouldn't insure, I'm nearly 80 and think most of my organs are pretty warn out by now]'

Mr Jeff Hands of Croydon: 'My ears, I'm already slightly deaf and would hate to lose my hearing completely. I wouldn't bother insuring my hair, what's left of it, because what there is is already dead]'

Mrs Erica Finger of Maida Vale, London: 'I'd rather just insure my health generally because it's the most important thing in life. There's nothing I wouldn't insure, I'm rather fond of all the parts of my body.'

Mrs Yvonne Body of Liverpool: 'I'd insure my back, it's been giving me a lot of trouble for the past 12 months. I wouldn't bother getting cover for my fingernails]'

Mr Tony Cassidy, underwriter of Syndicate 582 at Lloyds of London, which insured Egon Ronay's precious buds: 'My eyes, because they are vital for my job and, as an individual, I am most sensitive to things and people in a visual way. Also, I'm interested in the arts, almost all of which are visual.'

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