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LORD KING and British Airways are facing a bumpy ride following revelations of a dirty tricks campaign against Virgin Atlantic. This week the Candid Caller asked: which airline is more likely to get your booking, and what inducement from British Airways would woo you away from Virgin?

Richard Branson of Fochabers, Morayshire: 'I would try my namesake's airline rather than British Airways because I like his attitude towards running a service. There's nothing British Airways can offer me to make me fly with them.'

John King of Eastbourne: 'Without a doubt I would rather fly Virgin. They offer more than British Airways. I think BA have behaved disgracefully and now they'll never entice me on board their planes. Bloody good luck to Richard Branson - I've flown with his airline and it's superb.'

Ron Branson of Leamington Spa: 'I'd choose Virgin - and with a name like Branson I'd hope to get a free ticket. British Airways were underhanded, and if they want to attract me as a customer they'd have to make a really concerted effort to make amends to Virgin for all the trouble they caused.'

John King of Liverpool: 'I'd fly with Virgin. They're a better company. I'd go with British Airways only if they offered me completely free travel.'

Raymond Branson of Harpenden, Hertfordshire: 'I would fly Virgin because they've got a good reputation. British Airways can't do a thing to win my booking.'

James King of Cardiff: 'I've always wanted to fly with Virgin and, if they were running the same route as a British Airways flight, I'd book with them in preference. Now I would only choose British Airways if Lord King resigns, especially if he gives back his title as well.'

Ronald Branson of Leicester: 'My decision has definitely been affected by the outcome of the libel action this week. If I had a choice between booking with British Airways or Virgin I'd opt for the latter now. I can't think of anything BA could do to woo me as a passenger, not now, anyway.'

Jim King of Ware, Hertfordshire: 'I've never flown and, at 77, I think I'm getting too old to start. I suppose British Airways could tempt me to travel with them - if they gave me a return flight to somewhere like Spain. Their dirty tricks campaign was well below the belt, but nothing surprises me any more.'

Robert Branson of Manchester: 'I've travelled with British Airways and Virgin. Both provide good services and I wouldn't really choose one over the other. I might be more tempted to fly with BA if they upgraded me for free - like they offered to the Virgin passengers they tried to pinch.'

Mark Basham of Camden, north London: 'I'd never given it much thought before, but now I'd try to fly Virgin if I could. Heavily discounted fares could tempt me to fly British Airways. But if the tickets were cheap enough I'd travel with any airline.'

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