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JUST IN case you hadn't heard, Stephen Spielberg devoted a film to them and Channel 4 is scheduling an entire weekend around them. Dinosaurs are back with a vengeance. This week the Candid Caller asked: how interested are you in dinosaurs, and are you likely to see Jurassic Park? If you were being transported back to the time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, which of today's 'mod cons' would you take with you?

Mr T Rex of Woolwich: 'I'm not as interested in them as my son is. My wife and I will see the film. Spielberg's got a very good reputation and the clips we've seen so far look very good. But we're not keen on letting our son see the film. He's too young. I'd want to take my computer with me if I had to live back then.'

Mrs T Rex of Wickford: 'Dinosaurs do nothing for me. I know I won't see the film, it just doesn't appeal. I enjoy the radio, so if I had to live in the dinosaur age, that's what I'd want.'

Mrs T Rex of Thamesmead: 'I'm not very keen on them, but my husband has been mad about them the last couple of days. I'd like to see the film if I can. I've got a little baby, so if I was thrown back in time I'd ask for a washing machine]'

Mr T Rex of Reading: 'I was interested in them in my early days, but the early dinosaur films put paid to that] I won't put myself out especially, but I may get along to see Jurassic Park. If I had to live when they ruled the world, I'd ask for some means of speedy transport - so that I could get away from dinosaurs very quickly.'

Mrs T Rex of Bristol: 'I find dinosaurs and the Spielberg film a turn-off. I enjoy reading, and would like to take a never-ending supply of books with me.'

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