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ON THURSDAY, Elton John put his record collection under the hammer to raise money for Aids charities. This week the Candid Caller tuned in to ask: whose record collection would you like to have? And what is your favourite record?

Mr Trevor Rock of Ballymena: 'I'm into the Sixties, so I'd go for anyone whose Sixties collection would be really good. I don't have particular favourites, just the Sixties stuff in general.'

Mrs June Roll of Sydenham: 'I'd like the Everly Brothers' collection because I'm a big fan. My all-time best is one of theirs, 'Ebony Eyes'.'

Mrs Alison Soul of Liverpool: 'It's not because I'm called 'Soul', but I would want a collection full of blues and jazz, perhaps Ella Fitzgerald's. Patsy Cline's 'Crazy' is my favourite record.'

Mrs Christine House of Worcester: 'I like classical music, so I'd go to the top and ask for Radio 3's collection. Choosing one favourite isn't easy, I like a lot of Beethoven and Mahler. Mahler's Symphony No 5 Adagietto is probably my favourite single passage.'

Mrs Margaret Folkes of Leytonstone: 'I don't think I'd want anyone else's collection. Mine does me very well, and even though some of the records are scratched I enjoy them as much now as when I bought them. I've got several Frank Sinatra albums and like 'Strangers In The Night' in particular.'

Mr John Single of Glasgow: 'I'm into Buddy Holly, so I'd ask for his personal collection. The best record ever has to be 'That'll Be The Day' by Buddy Holly and The Crickets.'

Mrs Amanda Presley of Edmonton: 'I'd ask for Kenny Everett's collection, I bet he's got some really good duff ones. I don't have a best single, but the album I like most is Faith by George Michael.'

Mr Jeff Prince of Manchester: 'My children are Take That fans, so I'd ask for their record collection to keep my children happy. I like any of the Lennon and McCartney songs, and 'Hey Jude' is the best Beatles song.'

Mrs E John of Bristol. 'I'd be fascinated to know what records Des O'Connor has in his collection, so I'd go for his. My favourite record is 'Are You Lonesome Tonight?' by Elvis Presley.'

Capital Gold DJ Mike Read: 'I'd grab the BBC record library, about the best collection there is. I don't know where I'd put it though, I don't have enough space for my own collection as it is. All time favourite? 'Survival' by Yes, for too many intangible reasons - for starters it's a cradle-to-grave song, isn't all over in three minutes and has Jon Anderson's voice.'

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