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HALLOWE'EN traditions are giving way to the trendier 'trick and treat'. This week the Candid Caller turned phantom phoner to ask: do you believe in black magic, and what do you do if children appear on your doorstep asking for a trick or treat?

Mrs Veronica Gooley of Hereford: 'I don't believe in black magic, but I am psychic - I knew you were going to ring. If children turn up at my door, I tell them to go home and ask their mothers why they're allowed out at night.'

Mr Ken Ghost of Bournemouth: 'I don't think there's anything to black magic and the only ghosts I've ever seen have been family. If kids come asking for a trick or treat I usually have a chat with them then give out some sweets.'

Mr George Batt of Liverpool: 'I don't believe in black magic and have never seen a ghost or anything of that ilk. I've no idea what trick or treat means.' Mrs Barbara Hayes at Spiders Craft Shop, Tring: 'I do believe in black magic and can feel the presence of ghosts, although I don't actually see them. If children turn up I shut the door; I certainly don't encourage them.'

Mr Anthony Spellman of Glasgow: 'I don't believe in the supernatural. Kids do come round at Hallowe'en and we always give them an apple or a few coppers.'

Mrs Jan Macbeth of Aberdeen: 'I don't believe in black magic and we're right in the wilds here so we don't get children knocking for a trick or treat. If they did, it would be such a novelty we'd invite them in and give them sweets.'

Mr Frank Death of Leicester: 'I don't believe in black magic and have been a victim of this trick or treat thing. When a bunch of kids turned up at my door I had no idea what it was all about and told them to buzz off. Next thing they got into my back garden and knocked over a bird bath. I think it's an abomination that parents allow their children out at night to bother people like this.'

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