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THIS WEEK, using a credit-card phone, the Candid Caller posed the great 'Threshergate' questions: what would you buy in an off-licence for pounds 17.47, and have you ever exceeded the spending limit on your credit card?

Mr Cyril Chancellor of Stratford-upon-Avon: 'A couple of bottles of fine white wine. I don't have credit cards anymore. I sent them all back. But when I did have them, I never went over the limit.'

Mr Kenneth Chancellor of Congleton, Cheshire: 'A bottle of rum, or better still, two bottles of rum. I've never gone over my spending limit.'

Mrs Joanna Chancellor of Bedford: 'Is this serious?' ('Yes.') 'Several bottles of cheap white wine. I look after things better than Lamont]'

Mr Barry Chancellor of Telford, Salop: 'A bottle of malt whisky for my wife. I don't have any credit cards, so I don't have to worry about limits.'

Mrs Jayne Chancellor of Derby: 'A very good bottle of red wine. I have a card, but I've never gone over my limit.'

Mr Anthony Chancellor of Kensington, London: 'I've just come from the off-licence where I bought a bottle of Grant's whisky and a bottle of vodka, which came to pounds 20.98. I'd buy smaller bottles of the same. I've never gone over my spending limit - with a name like mine you wouldn't expect one to, surely?' ('Erm . . .')

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