Cashpoints: Does your tax return make you feel all floppy?

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n Anyone who gets a tax return can fill in their forms electronically. The disks are free from the Inland Revenue and come with all the information you need to complete the forms. You'll still have to print out the complete form, sign it and send it in to the tax office. The electronic return is only for people with straightforward tax affairs. If you are self-employed or in a partnership, for example, you (or your accountant) will have to stick to paper.

The disks run on PCs with Windows 3.1 or above, 4MB of RAM and 6MB of available disk space. Call any tax office for details, listed under Inland Revenue in the phone book.

n Jupiter has launched a corporate bond unit trust fund. It is fully PEPable, with a minimum investment of pounds 500 or pounds 100 a month (pounds 50 in a PEP). The projected yield is 7 per cent gross, which is tax-free within a PEP or ISA from next year. The fund has an initial charge of 4 per cent and annual management fee of 1 per cent. Jupiter is launching the fund now because it believes interest rates will fall in the long-term, with a positive effect on bond prices. Call 0500 050098.

n Visa's annual holiday money guide is out now. It's good on local bank and shop opening hours, and has the numbers for Visa's worldwide global assistance service. There are special offers for Visa card holders including discounts on hotels and museums in Europe. Call 0171-231 5432 for a free copy.

n The Skipton Building Society's new Young Sovereign savings account is open to children under 18. It offers full membership rights and instant access. Rates start at 5.65 per cent gross for pounds 25-pounds 2,999 and 6.15 per cent gross on pounds 3,000-pounds 6,000. The account is branch-based. Call 01756 705030 for the address of a local branch.

n Anyone with large amounts in a bank or building society deposit account, and worried by Northern Rock's recent action in moving thousands of savers to lower-interest accounts, should look at a Treasury Account. Close Brothers pays money-market rates pegged just below Libor (London Interbank Offered Rate) and the interest rate changes every month. The independent yardstick means that it's impossible for the bank to offer you below-par rates. For May, the rate is 7.289 per cent. Minimum deposit is pounds 50,000. Telephone 0171-247 0747 for more details.

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