Companies must 'Try, try, try, just a little bit harder' to please consumers

Being flogged a dodgy motor is consumers' number one gripe, but mobile phones aren't far behind

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Readers with longish memories will recall the ill-fated singer Janis Joplin asking: “Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz.” The thought of having a motor handed to you is a pleasing one, especially for those tens of thousands of consumers facing difficulties after buying second-hand cars.

It’s the biggest problem consumers face, according to new statistics from Citizens Advice. Buying faulty vehicles is the number one consumer gripe that the charity helped with in the last year with more than 50,000 people forced to seek help.

The next most troublesome issue - which forced more than 20,000 consumers to turn for help - surrounded mobile phones, with consumers complaining about substandard service or a particularly poor signal.

“Consumers should feel in the driving seat when things go wrong,” said Gillian Guy, chief executive of Citizens Advice. “Mobile phone networks need to ensure that markets work for consumers. The second-hand car industry must make sure that the goods it sells fit legal requirements,” Or as Janis Joplin sang, they should: “Try, try, try, just a little bit harder.”

However, the results of the charity’s latest Consumer Advice Trends report should come as no surprise as there can be few of us that haven’t experienced problems with a second-hand car or when buying a mobile phone.

But the new problems that are emerging for consumers are interesting. Since April, the charity reports a 170 per cent increase in complaints about lottery scams: the dodgy mailshots or emails that claim you’ve won a prize, but have to send a fee to unlock it, cash which will simply be trousered by the scammers. That’s certainly one we should all remain wary of.

There was also a 25 per cent rise in problems with parking and clamping – with consumers being hit by hefty charges for parking on private land. Many parking fees are unfair and unenforceable but I’d be glad to hear of your experiences.

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