Council tax deadline nears

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People who wish to appeal against their council tax valuation beyond next Tuesday's deadline can still do so under some circumstances.

One ground is if there is a change in the person paying the tax. This could include a husband, wife or partner moving out and the liability falling on the person remaining.

Also eligible may be people moving into a new home or a tenant who becomes liable to pay after a tenancy change.

You can also appeal if your home becomes subject to planners' blight. Success could save up to pounds 300 a year.

Len Lucas, a partner with Council Tax Legal Services, an independent consultancy helping people to challenge their assessments, says that by changing living arrangements people may be able to get new rights of appeal.

The Child Poverty Action Group is also warning people that they could be faced with paying too much council tax if they do not act quickly.

The Council Tax Handbook is available from the Child Poverty Action Group, 1-5 Bath Street, London EC1 9PY. Cutting the Council Tax - a Guide to Appeals can be obtained from Council Tax Legal Services, PO Box 2764, London E9 7EJ.

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