Generous peppering of special offers

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A FREE guide to the current range of 85 corporate personal equity plans is being offered to investors by Hoare Govett.

Meanwhile, the AIB Unit Trust Managers and Fleming Investment are waiving the initial charge on two of their PEP products. The 5 per cent initial charge on the AIB PEP is being reduced to zero from tomorrow until 5 March. The 1.5 per cent initial charge is being waived on all lump sum investments into the Fleming Mercantile Investment Trust PEP until 29 March.

The broker Chelsea Financial Services is celebrating its 10th anniversary by offering investors a pounds 155 cash-back offer in pounds 6,000 investments in the new income PEPs from Schroder, M&G and Fidelity.

Hoare Govett, Freepost, London EC2B 2HG or on 081-847 7730.

AIB Freephone 0800 592138.

Fleming Helpline 071-920 0539.

Chelsea Financial Services (071-351 6022).

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