How to remember Pin numbers

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Can you remember your cashpoint Pin number, or are you one of those who have it written in their diary, not so cunningly disguised as the telephone number of a certain Nat West?

Even if you can remember your cashpoint Pin, can you remember all the other Pin numbers for your savings account or credit card, for turning off your burglar alarm or turning on your car stereo? On average we each now have four to remember and usage is increasing. Shops and restaurants overseas, for example, are increasingly asking for Pin numbers of credit and debit cards as a way of checking your identity.

Card Protection Plan, a service for reporting the loss of any number of cards in a single phone call (cost pounds 8 a year), has just launched Pincard, a personal credit card-sized device for keeping a disguised record of up to six numbers. To access any of your Pin numbers all you need to remember is a single two character code, A2, for example. The Pincard fits into wallets and uses a simple plastic grid to do the decoding instantly. Pincard is being sold for pounds 2.95 plus 50p post and packing.

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