How to stay the course

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Worried about the cost of higher education after last week's recommendation that students should pay tuition fees? Free guides on the financing of students, and how best to put money aside for support, are available from financial adviser Towry Law (0345 889933) and Barclays Bank (0800 374373).

The deadline for paying "statement of account" tax bills sent to 1.6 million people, mostly self-employed, is looming. If you don't pay by 31 July (Thursday) you will be charged interest at 8.5 per cent, unless you can subsequently prove you do not owe this money. Tax returns, due in by 30 September, will reconcile your overall tax owed for the 1996/97 tax year.

National Mutual has produced a free guide, Income in retirement - which way to take, on methods of cashing in a pension plan. Call: 01462 426800.

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