14% of people lie to get cheaper insurance

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One in seven people have lied to their insurer in a bid to keep their premiums down, a survey showed today.

Around 14 per cent of people admitted they or their partner had deliberately submitted false details in order to get a cheaper quote, according to Shariah compliant insurer Salaam Halal.

The most common area in which people stretched the truth was claiming that their car was kept in a garage, when it was actually parked on the street, with 39 per cent of people admitting to doing this.

A further 35 per cent of people lied about their annual mileage in a bid to keep their car insurance costs down, while 7 per cent of people failed to disclose motoring convictions.

One in 20 people also failed to mention modifications that had been made to their vehicle, such as spoilers or customised wheels.

People were also dishonest when applying for home insurance, with 31 per cent deliberately underestimating the value of their possessions, while 8 per cent said they had a burglar alarm when they did not.

Around 3 per cent of all insurance applicants also failed to disclose a previous claim they had made on a policy.

Men are more likely to lie on an insurance application form than women, with 17 per cent of men admitting to being economical with the truth in a bid to cut their premiums, compared with only 11 per cent of women.

Bradley Brandon Cross, chief executive of Salaam Halal, said: "We can appreciate the temptation to try a few shortcuts in order to get the best deal on insurance, but people may not realise the consequences of their actions.

"Deliberately withholding information, or submitting inaccurate details, can render your insurance invalid.

"So, saving a few pounds at the time of taking out a policy could cost thousands in the long run. If the misrepresentation is serious, you may also be prosecuted for insurance fraud."

People in Wales are most likely to be economical with the truth when applying for insurance cover at 21 per cent, compared with only 10 per cent of people in the East.

YouGov questioned 4,135 people during July.

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