Five Questions About: Boiler cover

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What is boiler cover?

As its name suggests, this policy will cover the cost of repairs to your boiler if it breaks down. If you have a new boiler, cover may not be necessary, as you may already be covered for breakdowns by a warranty. Otherwise, cover is worth considering if you want to avoid expensive repair bills.

Isn't it covered by my home insurance policy?

Some home insurance policies include emergency boiler cover, although the protection is often limited. Don't assume your policy will include this cover, as many do not, and check the policy carefully to make sure you're happy with the level of cover provided.

Who needs boiler cover?

As a rule, only homeowners need boiler cover. If you rent, you will not usually be responsible for the cost and can demand your landlord pay for repairs.

Should I buy cover through my energy supplier?

Many energy companies offer boiler cover at a discount to customers but, even with a special offer, this is often not the cheapest way to insure your boiler. Look at what's being offered, factoring in any cashback deals or discounts, and then compare as many different policies as possible. With insurance, the cheapest policy is not necessarily the best; you need to get the fullest cover possible for the lowest price.

What levels of cover are available?

As with any insurance policy, the level of cover you receive varies from insurer to insurer, so shop around for protection that meets your needs. Many policies will cap the amount you can claim and the number of callouts you can make in a 12-month period. Others include an annual boiler service. Another, slightly more expensive, option is a home emergency policy, which usually protects heating and hot water supply but also plumbing disasters, lost keys and other one-off crises.

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