One in five drivers is uninsured or MOT-less


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A startling number of British drivers are risking huge fines, a criminal record, injury and even death by driving without an MOT or insurance, with many either claiming ignorance or a lack of funds.

Around 20 per centof motorists has driven without a valid MOT, as many admit struggling to cover the certificate's cost, Halifax has found. Facing a penalty of up to £1,000, almost half of those questioned thought they could get away without it, and three quarters claimed they were unaware their MOT had run out.

But the research also found that one in 10 people has driven without insurance, risking a criminal record and signficiantly affecting other drivers. "Driving without valid insurance is not only against the law, but can also financially hit those who have appropriate cover as they may be unable to recover damages from an uninsured driver," says Jeremy Ward from Halifax.

It has been widely reported that accidents involving uninsured drivers cost £380m a year and injure 23,000 people. It also adds around £500m to annual policy costs, around £30 per person. But less well known is that driving without an MOT certificate will not only invalidate any insurance claims, but also threatens the safety of those in the vehicle.

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