Simon Read: Think hard before spending on mobile phone covers

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Mobile phone insurance firms were criticised by the City watchdog this week after it found evidence of unclear terms, and inadequate claims and complaints handling.

One firm is set to be handed a "significant" fine for poor handling of complaints. The problem is that we're being sold cover that isn't always what it appears to be. It leaves many people who claim for a lost or stolen phone being told that their claim is invalid because of something in the small print.

Worse, the watchdog accused insurers of operating a "two-stage" claims process, where a claim might be initially rejected but is then overturned if customer is persistent and complains.

Mobile insurers were also told to speed up their claims handling and increase the amount of time customers have to register a claim. In other words, treat customers fairly.

This is far from another mis-selling scandal, but it's something to watch. Claims should not be routinely turned down.

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