It's all go in travel cover

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The increasing popularity of annual travel insurance was underlined this week by the launch of two new policies, writes Nic Cicutti.

The Co-operative Bank offers cover to a family of four for £148.63. The policy applies both at home and abroad and covers skiing holidays of up to 17 days in one year.

It also offers a further 15 per cent reduction if the family's home contents insurance policy includes theft or loss of possessions outside the house.

David Cox, general manager of the Co-op's financial services subsidiary, said: "It is always worth checking if your home contents policy does this because it may mean a reduction in the holiday cover premiums."

Barclays Bank is offering a multi-trip travel insurance policy. Premiums start from £85 for one person. Family premiums are £120 for a year and include free cover for unmarried family members under the age of 23.

Barclays: 0181 253 3377. Co-operative Bank: 0171 512 0892.

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