Jaguar ride on road to ruin

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VIVIENNE WHITFORD used to live in a detached house with a third of an acre.

Just before Christmas 1983, her husband drove her in their XJS Jaguar to Yorkshire Bank to sign a form for a further business loan. She says: 'I am a country woman and do not know anything about business or bank loans. I signed but I did not realise the implications of what I was signing.'

Within two years the implications were more than apparent. The bank was trying to repossess the house. Mrs Whitford went to court but she and her six children lost their home. 'I could not win. Once you have signed, there is no turning back the clock. We went from a huge detached house to living on a council estate on income support.'

Mrs Whitford, 54, is now getting back on her feet financially. Through scrimping and saving she has bought her council house.

She says: 'My advice to other wives is always take several days to think about what you are doing. And then always have a solicitor to explain everything to you.'

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