Lambeth offers up to 8.30%

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LAMBETH Building Society's new 90-day notice account, Premium 90 Plus, offers returns of up to 8.13 per cent gross or 8.30 per cent compounded. The minimum investment is pounds 250.

Deposits of up to pounds 5,000 bring a compound 5 per cent gross; of pounds 5,000- pounds 10,000 6 per cent; of pounds 10,000- pounds 30,000 7.3 per cent; and of pounds 30,000- pounds 200,000 8.3 per cent. There are penalties for withdrawals before March 1994, and if no notice is given 135 days' worth of interest will be forfeited.

Bradford & Bingley Building Society has redesigned its Vintage Bond 3 account, which pays a top rate of 8.3 per cent gross on sums of pounds 100,000 or more. The investment term remains at two years but savers can withdraw money, without penalty, during 14 days after the first anniversary. One emergency withdrawal can be made, with 90 days' loss of interest.

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