Leeds members put democracy to vote

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Leeds Permanent members will vote on Monday on a special resolution proposed by campaigning member Dr Ken Craven aimed at increasing democracy in the society.

Dr Craven is also one of six candidates standing for three places on the Leeds board.

He says that the purpose of the resolution is to make it as easy to stand for board membership of the society as for Parliament.

The resolution, if accepted, would reduce the number needed to nominate a board member from 50 to 10 and bar the society from rejecting potential board members because of their financial history.

He said: 'The rules as they stand would let in a Maxwell but exclude a preacher.'

He has had 109 signatures in favour of his special resolution.

However, he failed in an attempt to put forward a further resolution that would make it more difficult for branches to be closed.

Last week, the Government outlined proposals that would abandon the requirement for societies to send notices of general meetings and summary financial statements to all members.

Instead, they will be able to provide information by advertising in newspapers and displaying notices in branches.

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