Simon Read: Improving economy? Not when we're haunted by debt

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Some grim research was published this week. A survey by the insolvency trade body R3 showed that half of all UK adults are concerned about their debts, while two thirds of those struggling to make it to pay day blame the cost of living for their financial woes.

That's at odds with recent headline news about our recovering economy which has been led by the Chancellor, George Osborne, who has been busy claiming the UK is "leaving intensive care".

But his political posturing reveals the huge separation between our political masters and corporate chiefs from the hard-up hordes.

While many blue-chip companies have been slightly less bombastic about the recovery, they're still positive about prospects.

But with millions of folk still fearing for their jobs or stuck in a wage freeze, leaving their real financial situation getting worse, let's have less talk about recovery and more about solving the growing personal debt crisis.

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