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Loans & Credit

Don't be led astray by 0% credit cards

Adverts and price comparison sites tempt you towards the longest zero per cent plastic on the market. Yet some consumers simply want a low-rate credit card with no introductory gimmicks

Simon Read: Information is power. And it's in the wrong hands when

In debt? You're likely to be targeted by unscrupulous companies that hope to profit from your misfortune. They may try to pretend to be your friend by offering what they call "help" – but almost certainly that help will come with a cost and leave you worse off than you were before they got in touch.

RBS admitted it was wrong, but still won’t compensate

Many months ago I wrote about a debt charity that was put at risk by the actions – or lack of action – of the Royal Bank of Scotland. Derby-based Direct Help and Advice accused RBS of costing it at least £150,000 by mis-selling an interest rate hedging product.

More payday lenders slammed and banned for irresponsible adverts

Three more payday loan adverts have been banned today. They include one from a short-term lender that tried to differentiate itself from payday loans, but which has been rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority for producing irresponsible advertising.