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City Financial Managers has launched the first PEP designed for the Internet. The netPEP aims to track the FTSE 100 share index and will provide progress on its investments on the Net. The PEP, invested by Barclays Global Investors, will have an initial charge of 1 per cent and an annual management charge of 0.35 per cent. Call 0171-208 0880 or contact David Cardale at mail@netPEP.co.uk

Barclaycard Profiles is extending from 1 May the range of flights available under its customer loyalty programme to include 36 flights to Greece and the Greek islands through Olympic Airways, plus flights to Australia, India, Singapore and Japan. It will also offer free BT phone calls and savings vouchers on BT phones and answerphones. Details from Barclays branches.

Abbey National is extending the availability of its personal loans, starting at 12.9 per cent for sums above pounds 10,000. Charges on loans between pounds 1,000 and pounds 2,950 are 17.9 per cent. Call 0345 545556.

Guinness Flight is launching a new share exchange scheme, allowing investors to swap shares worth more than pounds 250 in any UK-quoted company for units in the fund manager's range of unit trusts and PEPs for pounds 10 per holding. Call 0345 564564.

Skipton Building Society is launching a one-year fixed-rate bond, offering 6.5 per cent gross on minimum deposits of pounds 5,000. Also available is a three-year escalator bond, paying 6 per cent gross in year one, rising to 8 per cent. Call 0800 603010.

GE Financial is offering a series of rolling Income Safeguard Bonds, maturing in June 2000, June 2001 and June 2002. Annual rates for the three-year bond are 7.1 per cent net of basic-rate tax, rising to 7.4 per cent net over four years and 7.7 per cent over five years. The bonds are linked to the performance of the FTSE 100 and the German DAX 30-share indexes. Call 0181-380 3388.

HSBC Asset Management is offering investors the chance to use its pounds 9,000 general and single-company PEP allowances by investing in its HSBC PEP Plus IV fund, a low-risk investment linked to the FTSE 100 share index. The PEP guarantees money back plus a minimum return of pounds 1,800. Call 0800 262115.

John Charcol, the mortgage broker, is offering an income protection plan with a range of options, including benefits payable if the claimant is unable to return to his or her specific occupation rather than any kind of work. The plan, offered jointly with Friends Provident, is available by calling 0800 718191.

TSB is launching a five-year Guaranteed Stock Market Bond linked to the FTSE 100 index. The bond offers guaranteed return of funds at the end of the investment period irrespective of the FTSE 100's performance. It has a lock-in facility if the market grows by 25 per cent, plus a 0.5 per cent bonus on the investment if made before 7 April. Call 0500 758444.

Barclays is giving away cinema and WH Smith vouchers worth up to pounds 20 to people aged 11 to 16 who open a BarclayPlus account, which pays 3.5 per cent interest gross. Details from Barclays branches.

NatWest is offering commission-free foreign currency deals and discounted travel insurance to anyone who takes out a personal loan before 30 April. Details from branches.

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