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Abbey Life is offering a guaranteed capital return of 142.5 per cent after six years, equal to 6.1 per cent compound, on its new Guaranteed Capital Growth Bond. If higher it will pay 50 per cent of the growth of the FTSE 100 share index over the period.

Returns are paid net of tax, the minimum investment is pounds 3,000. Call 01202 407149 for details.

HSBC and Midland Bank are introducing a Protected Growth PEP offering a guaranteed return of 118 per cent of capital or the capital growth in the FTSE 100 index over five years. Call 0800 656565 for details.

Bristol & West has launched a fourth issue of its Year Plus Deposit Bond with an increased rate of 6.5 per cent gross. The minimum investment is pounds 5,000 and interest is available monthly but no withdrawals are allowed until March 1998. Call 0800 202121 for details.

Guinness Flight has produced a unit trust version of its offshore fund investing in Asian smaller companies, which has returned 20 per cent a year since launch a year ago. The minimum investment is pounds 1,000 and there is an initial charge of 5 per cent and an annual fee of 1 per cent. Call 0345 564564 for details.

Royal Bank of Scotland is introducing its lowest ever charges of 12.3 per cent APR for unsecured personal loans between pounds 7,500 and pounds 15,000, 13.3 per cent on sums down to pounds 5,000 and 13.9 per cent down to pounds 2,000. Loans are available by post or phone, Call 0800 121125 for details.

Skipton BS has launched a bonus portfolio investment, 40 per cent going into an instant access account paying up to 7.5 per cent and the balance into a flexible unit-linked investment bond. Minimum investment is pounds 10,000. Call 0800 603010.

Saga is offering cut-price phone calls for its Saga Visa Card holders, available to over 50s. Call 0800 300225 ex 2345.

IFA David Aaron is offering readers a new 40-page guide, The Top 50 investments for Income & Growth, for lump sum investors with pounds 10,000. Available for pounds 2 including postage until 15 November, by writing to Shelton House, Woburn Sands, Milton Keynes.

UCB Home Loans, part of Nationwide BS is launching a one-stop property service aimed at expatriates wanting to buy a property in the UK. It includes fixed or variable rates of 6.99 per cent, on 75 per cent of valuations lends 3.25-times the main income and is open to self-employed and contract workers. An arrangement fee of pounds 295 is required.

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